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Also to be discovered:

Adobe Express.

Designing some templates for Adobe Express! Let’s discover some digital and print assets: business cards, posts and stories for social media, posters, Youtube Thumbnails...

Rectangle 6892-1.jpg
Rectangle 6898.jpg
Rectangle 6899-1.jpg

In order to integrate the Jellysmack team for some missions, I proposed visuals following their request: create a visual featuring Jackie Aina, another featuring news about MrBeast and an Instagram post with a key phrase in GIF form. Let’s discover it!


I create some marketing design games.

"Normal Player Cup" was organized by Celio. You had to register to be able to face your favorite streamer during a live! The winner was coached and participated in the tournament at Espot in Paris on September 02, 2022.
Let's discover the graphic intention on the screens that I proposed.

iPad Pro with  iPhone Mockup 07.jpg
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